Fat Vacuum

Medi-spa solutions that work. Feel lighter.

Beauty backed by science. A treatment for the busy and unmotivated to cut STUBBORN FAT and feel leaner without committed gym and diet plans.
Clinical-grade treatment. Affordable spa price plans.

Single Trial Session
Tummy / Thighs / Arm Flabs / Double Chin
$128 nett

5 Sessions Package
any part

10 Sessions Package
any part

Quick Questions About Fat Vacuum
What is the treatment like?
2 steps. Cavitation (liquefying fats) and Vacuum (kill and drain fats)
Where can I target?
Common Areas: double chin, stubborn tummy fats, arm flabs, excessive thigh/calf fats
When can I see the results?
Witness and FEEL the difference by the 10th regular session. Individual results differ. Results are enhanced and quickened with our FAT FREEZE (Cryolipolisis) treatment.
Duration / Frequency of visits?
45 luxurious mins per session, 1 "work out" session a week.
Fat Freeze
Let’s turn flab into fab.

Single Fat Freeze Trial
$288 nett

2 Clamps Pack
Fat Freeze Cryolipolisis

5 Clamps Pack
Fat Freeze Cryolipolisis

Principles of Treatment
Quick Questions About Fat Freeze
What is the treatment like?
Fats are packed into the clamp applicator and frozen.
Is it painful?
Minimal pain/discomfort. Client may return to work and daily routine after treatment.
Is the treatment known?
Cryolipolisis is a well-loved treatment by clients of clinics in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China and The US.
What happens to the frozen fats?
When the fat cells are subjected to freezing temperatures, they cannot survive. Thus, fat cells die and are slowly but surely flushed out of your body.
How many clamps do I need?
1 clamp PER arm flab area/ thigh fat area
1-2 clamp(s) per tummy
Duration / Frequency of visits?
60 luxurious mins per session, once every 3 weeks until excessive fats are completely reduced.


Non-invasive. Effective.
Backed by SCIENCE.

BOOST metabolism rate rapidly and WORK OUT* even when you're at rest after the treatments.


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